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“10 Secret Strategies That Can DOUBLE Your Profit in the Next 20 Minutes!”

A Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Blueprint:

a. How to leverage private label rights in minutes
b. Over 15 different traffic generating methods WITHOUT using  affiliates
c. What you can do to increase your sales over 15%
d. And much, much more!


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


My name is Gail. Several years ago I was glued to my chair at  the computer . . . every day . . .  fighting to make money marketing products and services online.

Man, I struggled! I read, learned, bought products, and tried  to figure out what other people  seemed to know AND I just  couldn’t understand. I stayed up late and got up early.

But I obviously didn’t understand, since I wasn’t MAKING ANY MONEY.

I heard what ‘they’ were saying . . . choose a niche, put up a  webpage, drive traffic, convert that  traffic, sell something!

UGH! There were days I wanted to just pull my hair out.

I built a website after hours of research and figured out how  to use an autoresponder after more research.

But I never learned how to make money! I kept giving away all  my ideas and the information I  learned after hours of study.

In fact, I gave away priceless ideas
that others
-who knew THE “SECRET” – were able
to build into profitable businesses.


And then . . . a lightbulb went on!

Oh my gosh! I FINALLY GOT IT. But it took several YEARS for me  to get it.

I got hooked! I could stay home with my children, work at home  and do all the things I wanted  with the kids. I could finally  do the things as a mother that I wanted – and didn’t have to  rush  “off to work” first thing every morning.

No work clothes.

No rush hour traffic.

No rising gas prices that put a dent in my income because I had  to commute to work every day.

Fast Forward Five Years . . .

It’s five years later and I STILL love what I do and do what I  love. That is just plain FUN.

I want the same thing for YOU . . . WITHOUT waiting years! I want you to enjoy your family  time, to have the time to take a cooking class, learn how to sky dive or whatever it is that  makes you smile.

Think about that? What if you had 2 extra hours everyday  because you didn’t have to spend the  time getting “dressed” for work and commuting back and forth.

Do you know how to jump start that business. . . leverage your  time and energy . . . make a  difference in your life and in the  lives of the people you love?

You can start using private label rights!

PLR Definition


I started a PLR membership 5 years ago to help others boost  their profits and increase the  amount of work they can get done  in a shorter period of time.

Over the years I have coached members and learned some of their  biggest challenges in  developing their business.

It Seems That The Challenge Today
is the Same One I Had!


After coaching members at PLR-Health-Wizard* for 4 years I’ve  learned that one of their  biggest challenges is . . . HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

My members start with the best health, wellness and fitness private label rights available online  today. But. . .

Even when you have quality PLR content that is well
researched and written . . .

How do you make a profit?

How do you make it completely original without spending hours  at the computer?

And . . .

How can you use it to build a business?

What EXACTLY is the PLAN?

THAT is what motivated me
to develop my PLR Profit Program.

Using this step-by-step blueprint you will discover the exact  answers to those questions and MORE!

I know, because I spent hours researching the available  information before I put this program  together.

What you will learn comes from my successful years of marketing  online, working with others  and hours of research to get the  best information possible for my own business.

Providing quality information has been important to me since I  began my publishing career in  2005.

Quality information starts with solid research and ends with a  well-written, easily digestible  program that even my 12 year  niece can follow.

Product Graphic


 Is This Going To Take Me Hours to Learn
and Put into Action?


Absolutely not!


There are NOT 20 hours of video content.

There are NOT 100s of pages to plow through.

There are NOT 15 hours of audio to listen to.

BUT. . . there is a step-by-step blueprint where you will  discover the exact methods that top  income earners use to  perfect their PLR publishing empire.

Literally. . . 13 short steps separate you from producing products with PLR that will be  profitable for years to come.

Ron Moffitt


And There is More!

The amount of information packed into three blueprints is  amazing. In fact, it is all you will  need to create a product,  upload a squeeze page, write a sales page, develop a sales  funnel, load  an autoresponder, and begin making sales!

Brian Casey


What’s  Covered in these Blueprints?


How to make your PLR original so even Google doesn’t know it’s PLR!
Your readers will be thrilled with the information and knowledge you can teach.

10 different ways that you can easily incorporate PLR content  into any niche. PLR should help  you leverage your time and  energy . . . and when you know how to use   it, you spend LESS TIME and MONEY building your business. Did you know there are  ways to rewrite PLR from one  niche to use in a variety of  others?

The 6 common mistakes that almost everyone makes. When you  know what to avoid, you grow  your business and your bottom line  even faster!

A step-by-step approach to using private label  rights content.  No long videos, no long audios and no HUGE manual. To the  point, easy-to- follow, concrete steps that will create a volume  of content your customers will be clamoring to purchase.

10 Simple Product Creation Strategies. Within 1 week your  product can be completed and ready  for sale, with little effort  on your part.  Copy writing tips used by professional copywriters to  make their sales pages POP! Save yourself hours of research to learn  how to write a persuasive  sales page or hundreds of dollars when you can do this yourself! Copy writing is THE most   important part of your sales process!

A Step-by-Step Business Development Plan that will boost your  profits when you take action!  No more guess work about what  actually works in today’s market – it is all laid out for you!

Earn even more when you discover the tricks of developing a  strong sales funnel. This process is  simple . . . but  priceless.
You will easily read through this program in less than an hour.   When you take action on the  blueprint, you can have your first  product finished and ready to market in a day!

Inside the program you’ll ALSO receive:

black_check_thick_plain_small Copy writing tips that the gurus use to increase their sales

black_check_thick_plain_small How to develop products using PLR content that you can sell  online and offline

black_check_thick_plain_small How to develop a lucrative sales funnel that increases your  profit margin

black_check_thick_plain_small How to use PLR to build a responsive and engaged list of  buyers

black_check_thick_plain_small Pages of free resources that makes building your business even  easier

The Initial Program is Only the Beginning!

That’s right. Your PLR Profit Program includes a total of THREE  blueprints to make the  program easy to follow . . . you can  begin applying the strategies TODAY!

You will have ALL THE INFORMATION you NEED to develop a  profitable online business.

These are step-by-step actions you use to make private  label rights, writing sales copy for  your product and marketing  your product as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Look no further!


Your Bonuses!

This 3 Blueprint Program was not enough – THERE IS MORE!


14-page workbook designed to walk you through this
step-by-step guide. You have book and page number
references to find further information and explanations
to make your journey as easy as possible.
One-page checklist with each step of the process
listed. You will know exactly where you are in the
Program and what should come next!
Taped interview case study revealing ideas, results,
problems and successes. You will hear whole thing –
NOTHING held back. You learn from people just
like you how easy the the process can be!
Lifetime updates for the PLR Profit Program. Each
time a new module is added or new strategies are
found that increase the success rate of my students,
it is added to the program – and you get it! Just sign
up for the updates on the download page and you’ll
get each one as it is released!


You seriously do not want to miss out on this special program.   The longer you wait to consider  your purchase, the longer it  takes to start experiencing success!


You Have Nothing To Lose . . . and EVERYTHING to Gain!


Do not take my word for it . . . with my 90 day, unconditional,  money-back guarantee – you can test the progam and decide for  yourself if using private label rights articles and ebooks can  help you grow a financially stable and profitable business.



Peter Ford


Do NOT wait to find out how private label rights articles and  ebooks can make a difference in  your business.

Every day that you wait, is one more day of profit and FUN that you miss out on.

It is FUN when you get emails that tell you money has been deposited to your account.

It is FUN to use that money to treat yourself and your family.

It is just plain FUN to work your own hours, at home, on your computer.


With PLR Profit Program you will learn how to do just that . .  . quickly, easily and without any hassles or getting frustrated.

Phil Hirtes
Follow this step-by-step approach and TAKE ACTION TODAY!



PLR Profit Program






P.S. Remember . . . you have my unconditional 90 day money back  guarantee to back up your  purchase. The longer you wait to get  started, the longer it takes to enjoy the results!

*PLR-Health-Wizard is THE premier membership that supplies  health, wellness and fitness  private label rights content that  is researched and referenced back to medical journals and  research articles – making YOU the expert without hours of  research and writing!